235 pounds of female muscle and 18.5 inch rock hard biceps

Posted on 9th April 2011 in Massive Female Muscle, Sexy Female Muscle

Can you imagine fucking this woman? She’s truly massive and strong. 18.5 veiny and ripped biceps and 32 inch quads. She will destroy you in bed!

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230 pounds of hard veiny Female Muscle

Now this is what I call “MASSIVE”. This woman has been working her ass off at the gym for the last 25 years. Her huge biceps are 18 inches big, her quads 30 inches. Her body is full of muscles everywhere and full of veins popping up. She’s even bigger and stronger than most Male Bodybuilders. Oh, and she loves dominating and fucking the hell out of average guys. If you like massive women, this female is definitely for you.

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